Quid pro Quo: A Star Trek Fan Production

In the galaxy far away, they believe in the Force, on Hogwards in magic, but pragmatic members of the Starfleet have faith above all in themselves. However, force majeure is of little interest to your view, because SHE ...believe in you.


Interesting Facts

  • The story meets two mysterious species, Q and El-Aurian.
  • We'll look at the fate of the Romulan Empire.
  • Captain Vizier's history is associated with one very well-known saga.

Filmed in amateur scenery in the village of Běrunice. Filmed, premiere 19. February 2022

Director's dedication :

Suzie Plakson, first lady of the Q Continuum


Download 2K ST_QuidProQuo_v16_1080p.mp4 [583 MB]

subtitles: Czech, English, German

Cast & Crew