Patriot: A Star Trek Fan Production (2018)




The year is 2373 and the war drums are sounding throughout the galaxy. Proud warriors of The Klingon Empire are conquering the Cardassian Union one system by another. Thousands of Cardassian refugees are fleeing devastated worlds to the safe arms of the United Federation of Planets. Due to the turbulent common history with this species, the Federation grudgingly opens its borders. Many fear a breach of sovereignty and for good reason. Not all refugees come with pure intentions. The tension rise and the conflict is becoming inevitable…

Patriotka: A Star Trek Fan Production is a Czech short film created by fans of this phenomenon. The project was shot in fall 2017 and fully reflects the guidelines of the Star Trek brand owners for amateur creation.





Comix about the history and previous lives of main characters by Eva “Barevná” Železná.

SPOILER alert!