Neotron: A Star Trek Fan Production (2021)

Starfleet is a progressive organization. Therefore, whether it is a change in the field of technology or in the captain's chair, an established saying applies: new ones are always better. However, Commander Leonov has considerable doubts about his new superior. They are justified?


Interesting Facts

  • U.S.S. Jönköping is named after the hometown of one of the members of the ABBA group, including the registration of NCC 55110, which is the postal code of this city.
  • Neotron develops and improves the baryon cleansing presented in the TNG episode: Starship mine.
  • The whole fan film was shot by only 6 people, including actors and staff.

Filmed in amateur scenery in the village of Běrunice. Premiere 15. 9. 2021 at the Kino Pilotů.

Director's dedication :

Pangolins and salamanders, your moment will come.

Cast & Crew