Captain Spanx

Legiana Spanx
Full name: 
Legiana Spanx
Command, U.S.S. Jönköping
Date and place of birth: 
13-Jan-2341, Betazed
Marital status: 

Life and career:

Legiana is the bearer of aristocratic blood. Her mother, Tyncia Spanx, is the daughter of the fourth family, the fourth oldest and most respected Betazed family. Tyncia uses her position to lead a hedon and eccentric lifestyle. On one of her travels around the galaxy, she seduced the captain of a luxury cruiser, Earthling Tom Lesseck. He fell head over heels in love with her, but the proud noblewoman did not even want to hear about the marriage to an ordinary earthling. Instead, he has a purely physical relationship with him, and Tom has acknowledged that something better than nothing. Two daughters, Legiana and her younger sister Stringiana, emerged from their passion. Although illegitimate, Tyncia loves both deeply and has secured them all the rights and titles of her family. However, she has always had a greater weakness for Stringiana, who has inherited much stronger telepathic abilities, and is preparing her as her successor in the ruling class.

Legiana was always a little in the shadow of her younger sister. Her telepathic abilities are very small compared to her mother and sister, she is just an empath, she cannot read minds. However, she sharpened her talent as much as possible to perfection, focusing on feeling the physical processes of individuals. He knows bodily desires very well, he can often predict what movement or action people are going to do.

Since she did not want to play Stringiana's second violin, she decided on her own career and joined the Starfleet. At first, she struggled a bit with her own arrogance, gained through aristocratic education, but soon she overcame it, and colleagues and superiors began to respect her deeply.

Thanks to her strong determination to succeed and her own diligence, she grew rapidly in her career and rankings. Forty ago, he obtained the coveted rank of captain and first command at U.S.S. Jönköping.


Legiana is direct, vigorous and persistent. She has long since got rid of her prejudices and aristocratic manners, and she doesn't like it when her past is reminded of her. However, she inherited more from her mother than she admits. Especially the passion for men, with whom she likes to flirt and experience serious and untied romances. She enjoys reading and writing, and has published three collections of erotic poems under the pseudonym Lady Lust.