The Third Option: A Star Trek Fan Production

Třetí varianta
The command of a starship can be lonely. Although they have advisors and experts at hand, no one makes the final decisions for the captains. The secrets revealed in the documentation of an astrophysical phenomenon will present Aron Seal with a choice crucial for the continuation of the U.S.S. Trondheim mission. It will be a notorious nut to crack. Will he crack it?


Interesting Facts

  • Just like Jean Luc Picard, Captain Seal has a pet in an aquarium in his office.
  • We will also see its feeding. U.S.S. Trondheim is proof that even the Pakleds have the door open to the fleet.
  • The fictional phenomenon that the crew is studying was named after a real astronaut from Italy.

Filmed in amateur settings in the village of Běrunice.

Director's dedication:

To Samantha Cristoforetti, who opened a window to the universe with her diaries.

Cast & Crew