Captain Seal

Kapitán Seal
Full name: 
Aron Seal
commanding officer of U.S.S. Trondheim
Date and place of birth: 
23rd November 1499, Spain, Earth
Marital status: 

Life and Carrier:

    He was born as Arsenio Sello in 1499 in Barcelona to a wealthy silk merchant family. From a young age, he had a burning desire to explore and discover. At the age of twenty, he purchased an officer’s commission and joined the Spanish navy. He became the captain of the three-masted ship Bragas Brillantes, which was part of the fleet of the renowned conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

Under his command, he sailed to the shores of South America in 1530, where he was completely captivated by the beauty of Peru and the majesty of the Incan civilization. He watched with great displeasure as his commander ruthlessly conquered and enslaved this ancient culture.

It wasn’t long before Captain Sello incited a mutiny against Pizarro in an attempt to protect the Incas. However, he stood no chance alone, and after a brief naval battle, the Bragas Brillantes sank. As a true captain, Arsenio went down with his ship, reconciled with his fate and the gods.

    But the gods listened. Well, not the gods, but the Metron, an almost omnipotent species with powers and abilities akin to the Q. They were curious and paid great attention to the ancient civilizations of the Aztecs and Incas. They never revealed themselves, merely observing their downfall at the hands of the conquering Europeans, perhaps with regret but remaining impartial.

They were fascinated by Arsenio Sello’s determination to thwart his own people’s conquest. When he fell, they performed one of their divine interventions, and Captain Sello did not perish on the ocean floor. He was placed in hibernation as an intriguing experiment, with the hope that if humanity did not destroy itself, it would advance technologically and eventually explore the ocean depths, find him, and revive him.

    It took eight long centuries, but it happened. In 2367, the Federation deep-sea submarine Nemo IV discovered the wreck of the Bragas Brillantes and within it the hibernating body of Arsenio Sello. With the aid of modern medicine, he was thawed and reborn.

Into a world of united humanity, into a universe full of wonders. He did not suffer cultural shock nor did he collapse. On the contrary, he quickly acclimated, began studying, and caught up on centuries of knowledge swiftly and successfully.

He did not dwell on his past or his Spanish heritage, changing his name to Aron Seal. Once he had adjusted, he immediately took an interest in the fate of his beloved Incas. He was greatly disappointed when he learned the truth from history lessons. But all was not lost. Hundreds of enthusiasts had decided to revive Incan culture and established a colony on Velcra II in deep space. Aron visited it, was thrilled and fascinated. The locals knew his story and welcomed him among them. There was, however, a small hitch. Velcra II found itself on the “wrong” side of the border after the war with the Cardassians. Unpleasant possibilities loomed – difficult coexistence, attacks, the rise of the Maquis, and resistance. Here Aron Seal’s genius shone. He did not want the bloody history of the Incas to repeat and did not rely on diplomacy. Thanks to his father’s upbringing, he decided to approach the matter commercially. He traveled to Ferenginar and offered the galactic traders the most valuable plant – the mythical Incan gold, Maté, which the colonists of Velcra II successfully cultivated. The Ferengi saw its potential and for an exclusive license to export Maté, they promised to protect Velcra II and integrated it into their empire. Since the Cardassians heavily traded with the Ferengi themselves, they never laid a single scaly hand on the planet.

    Besides protecting the colonists, Aron also secured a decent share of the profits under the contract. The sale of Maté thrived throughout the quadrant, and he soon amassed a fortune. With it, he acquired a small sultanate on Ligonus II, where he took two wives according to local customs and thus entered the galactic elite. As a comfortable retirement plan, it was certainly pleasant, but Aron had no intention of retiring. True to his explorer’s spirit, he joined Starfleet. With his experience, he smoothly rose through the ranks until he gained command of the starship U.S.S. Trondheim in 2380.

    Some of Captain Seal’s missions went smoothly, others less so. During a visit to Bolarus IX, he was received not only as a ship captain but also, due to his sultan title, as a head of state. He attended the annual ball and danced with the Bolian queen herself. Due to a disgraceful neglect of preparation, he did not verify the details of court etiquette and during the dance, he inadvertently touched his partner lower than he should and was allowed. Though such punishments are not practiced in modern Federation culture, under ancient Bolian law, he faced the threat of losing three fingers on the hand that committed the unforgivable offense. Luckily, his first officer, Commander Erin Lontra, used her diplomatic skill to get him out of trouble.


Captain Aron Seal is brave, curious, and good-natured. Given his history and experiences, not much surprises him. He savors his new life to the fullest and enthusiastically explores the farthest reaches of the universe. This rare perspective is also his weakness, as he can be overly optimistic, even reckless, in dangerous situations.