Wardens of Time: A Star Trek Fan Production

Wardens of time
Contrary to popular belief, even senior fleet officers sometimes have time off, they sleep, even go to the bathroom. Then they usually entrust the ship to crew members from lower decks. It is an unwritten law of the universe that nothing unexpected happens at that time. But what if? The Kappa shift discovers that matters of time and space are not always as they seem to be…


Interesting Facts

  • Our first (not last) visit to "lower decks"
  • With the character of Septima, we honor Captain Pike's number one and one a well-known musician
  • The fan film was shot before the premiere of ST:LD episode 3x04

 In post-production, estimated release 2023

Director's Dedication:

to John Morressy and his wizard Kedrigern


Download 4K ST_Spravci_casu_v14_4K.x265.mp4 [1.1 GiB]

Cast & Crew