Junior Lieutenant Zahn

Ira Zahn
Full name: 
Duke Ira I Zahn
Junior Lieutenant
Commander of Kappa shift, U.S.S. Edmonton
Date and place of birth: 
23. 12. 2336, Duchy of Baquilonia
Marital status: 

Life and career:

Ira was born into a noble family that ruled the Duchy of Baquilonia for centuries. Although the duchy is located on a separate moon, it formally falls under the kingdom of the home planet, Hysperia. Known throughout the Alpha Quadrant as the "Fairy Realm", this unique world has derived its culture and customs from the Earth Renaissance as well as countless fantasy sagas since its founding.

As on Hysperia, rule in the Duchy of Baquilon is a hereditary affair, with the offspring formally assuming their duties from their parents on the day or night they lose their innocence. Ira had been preparing for the role of ruler all his life, but because his father, Duke Horatio, ruled wisely, he was in no hurry to ascend the throne. However, nothing lasts forever and Horatio decided to abdicate and hand over his rights and duties to his son on the day of Ira's fortieth birthday.

Although Ira had no girlfriend or lover, his longtime friend, Baroness Floor Nansen, was more than willing and eager to help him formalize his succession. True to her shrewdness, she made all the arrangements: she made her way to the main planet and stole a "Caution: Wet Floor" warning sign from the local cleaning service at the Hysperian Royal Mall. Covered only by this small piece of yellow plastic, she waited for Ira in her penthouse suite. The night together had been a success, well, too successful by Baquilonia tradition. Ira and Floor spent too much time in the bedroom, so after Horatio's abdication, Ira didn't make it in time for the coronation.

The rival Fionn family took advantage of this, staged a coup and took over the government. The Zahn clan was not persecuted or disowned, but it was clear that they would never return to the ruling families. Horatio didn't mind, and he didn't blame his son. He had done his part and now devoted himself to fishing, sleeping and dispensing unsolicited advice to the younger ones.

Ira, however, was overwhelmed by the whole development. He took his failure to maintain his rule because of the length of his dalliance with his mistress personally and this stigma haunts him and ruins his relationship life. He also concluded that remaining in Baquilonia would be too painful for him. He decided to start all over, build a new career and be successful in it. At the age of forty, he joined Starfleet, completed the academy in a record three years, and joined the U.S.S. Edmonton as an ensign. Thanks to his diligence, he rose to junior lieutenant and was given command of the captain's shift in just a year and a half.


Ira Zahn is direct, single-minded, and dedicated to Starfleet. Given his past, he is strongly determined to succeed here and make it to at least Captain. He therefore takes his service seriously, sometimes too seriously in the opinion of his colleagues, and they like to make fun of him for it. Ira, however, does not let this discourage him and goes about his business, determined to prove his qualities both professionally and personally despite adversity.

His hobbies and knowledge come from decades of upbringing in an aristocratic environment. He speaks six languages, knows two schools of fencing, several medieval dances, the lute and blacksmithing. In other words, knowledge so typical and indispensable to the daily life of a space explorer.