Commander Leonov

Komandér Leonov
Full name: 
Vadim Leonov
First Officer U.S.S. Jönköping
Date and place of birth: 
29-Feb-2332 Klaipėda, Earth
Marital status: 

Life and career:

Vadim was born in Lithuania on Earth and has been his greatest serious engineering since childhood. As a boy, he disassembled various motorcycles or machines and built models of ships and submarines. His father, who himself was a ship's engineer on a historic steamer, was proud of him and supported him in his passion. As the age progressed, however, Vadim decided that the ships were not the right ones, at least not the ones floating on the water. Together with his friend and classmate, Peter Orlando, they joined the Starfleet.

They both graduated with honors, but their career paths were very different. While Peter was a born commander and explorer who quickly rose in the rankings, Vadim became a brilliant scientist and engineer, but his interaction with others faltered a bit. When he had an idea or discovery, he went straight to his own and coughed up protocol or what the surroundings thought of him. After graduating from the academy, he joined the Utopia Planitia construction docks. When, as a ensign, he discovered a defect in warp plasma injectors on the fleet ships, did not bother reporting to his superior, and set off straight for fleet headquarters. In San Francisco, he broke into the office of Admiral Henessy, the chief operation commander, and threw a modified injector on his desk, saying, "You want your ships to break through the core one fine day? No, so sit back and listen.". Because he was right and probably saved many ships and crews, Ensign Leonov received honors for his proposal. This and similar incidents led to no one taking him as a reliable team player, and opportunities for promotion were very rare, if at all. Years passed and in the end Peter offered him a helping hand, who became captain, while Vadim still stuck as an older lieutenant in the construction docks. Peter made him his right hand, promoted him to commander, and together they spent 6 years aboard the U.S.S. Jönköping.

Then Captain Petr Orlan decided to leave the fleet and start a family. He asked for the hand of Vadim's sister Kersti, whom he had been in love with since his youth. Vadim was very happy for both of them, he witnessed them and at the same time hoped that after Peter's departure he would receive command of Jönköping.

However, the command still did not forgive him for his fads and felt that he still needed supervision over himself. The young and ambitious Legiana Spanx therefore joined as captain.


Vadim Leonov is a smart and very talented scientist and engineer, but despite his years in the Starfleet, he lacks a bit of subtle social behavior. He is easily dialed when things don't go his way and especially when he thinks he has been wronged. However, when he thinks about everything properly, he can acknowledge his mistakes and his heart is in the right place. His work is also his hobby, he loves science, new discoveries and devices. He also likes to paint, especially the universe and astrophysical phenomena, such as nebulae, pulsars and so on.