Captain Najada Lazuli

Full name: 
Najáda Lazuli
Commanding Officer of U.S.S. Tel Aviv
Date and place of birth: 
13-Apr-2339, monastery on Delta IV
Marital status: 

Found father Gart Lazul, the son of the ninth generation from Betazed, met local teacher Najiida during his studies with high psychotronic masters at Delta IV. He fell in love with her and persuaded her with his charm to break the promise of celibacy that all the inhabitants of the Delta make in relation to foreigners. Due to the combination of pheromones and telepathic abilities, sex with a Deltan or a Deltan for other species is so intense that it leads to a permanent mental disorder, sometimes as a result of death.

Gart was no exception, and although he himself a strong telepath, the night with Najiida permanently marked him. He returned to Betazed, where he lives in an institution for the mentally ill. Najiida was removed from office and titles for breaking her promise, she went to the monastery, where she gave birth to her daughter Najada Lazuli.

Najada spent a young childhood in the Delta. After her mother's sudden illness and death, her aunt, Gart's sister Lexina, took over. Little Najada moved to Betazed, where she grew up as the rightful daughter of the ninth family in the aristocracy. At the age of 12, its telepathic abilities manifested themselves, thanks to the combined genes of two telepathic species very strong.