Lady Q

Lady Q
Full name: 
Date and place of birth: 
11,7 bln. ABB (After Big Bang), tri-star Hexxenius, galaxy M38
Marital status: 
eternally free


Q was created by the energy wave when all three stars in the unique Hexxenius system suddenly turned into supernovae. Maybe that's why she's fascinated by the number three throughout her omnipotent and endless life. During her existence, she explored many realities and universes, traveled galaxies, formed planets, danced on asteroid belts, and was the goddess of ancient civilizations and the inspiration of poets. With her beautiful voice, she sang The Song of Time, which awakened to the life of the first Tardis, which led to the creation of a powerful empire of the Lords of Time.

Its traces can also be found in the history of mankind. She woven her passion for number three and all its forms into Egyptian civilization, where she was built as the goddess Osiris by temples in the shape of triangles - pyramids. When the fruits of her work in Egypt were captivated by the "competitive" gods, the red-haired Go´auldi, with a single snap she transformed their civilization from conquerors into peaceful symbionts, which she named in the spirit of her favorite number - the Trills. She also entered the history of the Earth as a philosopher of Pythagoras as she tried to introduce the primitive human race to the mystery and power of triangles.

V 24. A century of the human era maintained a torn relationship with the male Q, which, however, was full of quarrels and mutual insult in addition to occasional outbursts of passion. After the last and final rift with his lover, the angry Q appears aboard the U.S.S. Braavos under Captain Vizier.


Lady Q is an intelligent, receptive and inquisitive being. Despite that, or perhaps precisely because of what he is, he can see beauty even in small things and rejoice in a little attention. However, this does not mean that it is easy to overwhelm, treating lower species with superior law and as a real goddess and lady.