Commander Frida

Frida Veru
Full name: 
Frida Veru
First Officer U.S.S.Braavos
Date and place of birth: 
17-Apr-2352, Bajor
Marital status: 

Life and carrier:

Frida Vera was born into artistic circles, her mother is the famous Bajoran theater film star Frida Nikolia, her father died in a labor camp. Despite the occupation of Bajor Cardassian, her childhood was happy, even fairytale. As an artist, her mother enjoyed the favor of the occupiers and apparently collaborated with the conservative regime. She used her position to help others, supplying poorer families with food and clothing. Nevertheless, after the liberation of Bajor, she was accused of collaborating with the enemy. After several lawsuits and hard propaganda, the entire Frida family was confiscated and Nikilia was threatened with life imprisonment. She was rescued by her longtime worshiper and fan, the captain of the cargo ship Thadiun Okona. He took her to the planet Atlec, where he had a good relationship with the local royal family. Nikolia married Okon and remained at Atlec as the educator of the future heir to the throne.

Vera had no reason to stay on her home planet, where her family's name bore such a strong stigma. She was accepted to Starfleet Academy and left for Earth. Since she inherited her talent and love for art from her mother, she wanted to remain at least symbolically close to the boards that mean the world. In the final year of the academy, she earned a few bars of lathinia as a presenter and cloakroom in the Žižkov Theater in the heart of the old town of Prague. Fate struck there, and Vera knew her first great love. After one performance, a long leather coat remained forgotten in the locker room. Vera discovered the inscription "Property Section 31, in case of a finding, enter the secret base, Area 51, Nevada" - followed by detailed coordinates. Vera was not frightened by the mention of the secret section and went to the given address. There she actually found a hidden bunker and met the owner of the coat, Agent Petr Bond. The spark jumped and they soon saw each other regularly.

Graduation at the academy followed, and Ensign Frida Vera was looking forward to the first position. The year was 2373, and the Borg were preparing another attack on planet Earth. Vera learned how different she was from Peter, the secret service, of course, knew about the activities of the team. Aware of the dangers facing Earth, she came up with a risky and brilliant plan. Thanks to her mother's fate, Vera knew well what good propaganda could do. With the help of codes obtained from Peter and his friend from the academy, Ensign Linda Goebels, she hijacked the spy ship U.S.S. Mata Hari and flew to the borders of Federation space. From there, she sent a series of reports and videos to the Borg team, showing that the Starfleet was still in a deplorable state after the attack on Wolf 359. It was, of course, a clear lie and embarrassment, the fleet had more than recovered in recent years and was fully combat-ready. However, the Borg came across this beautiful demonstration of information war and fake news, so they did not send the entire attack fleet, but again a single cube. With that, the Starfleet, with the help of Enterprise E and Captain Picard, dealt, and the Earth once again escaped destruction.

Both Frida and Linda were subsequently captured and investigated. However, the Admiralty acknowledged the genius of their plan and, on the condition of silence (that fresh graduates could hijack a secret service ship would not look very good in the records), not only did it not punish them, but promoted them by several degrees. Frida Vera became a lieutenant and soon the second officer aboard the U.S.S Braavos, where she made it to the commander and the first officer over the next few years.

In 2379, he accompanied his captain as part of humanitarian aid to the Romulans.


Although she has her mother's artistic genes in her, at the heart of Frida Vera is a very pragmatic and practical woman. Although her career was very fast and she is the youngest commander in the fleet, she did not boast in any way and with her analytical mind she easily gained the respect of the entire crew. In tense situations, he then tries to tame his captain, who sometimes behaves hastily and emotionally thanks to wounds in the past. In Vera, however, she has her reliable anchor and conscience, for which she values her very much.