Captain Darwin

Kapitán Darwinová
Full name: 
Dina Darwin
Command, U.S.S. Sparta
Date and place of birth: 
24-Jun-2330, Pärnu, Earth
Marital status: 

2330 - Born Dina Salumäe in Estonia into a strong believing family.

2348 - Against the will of his parents, who consider flying to the stars a sin and sacrilege, he goes to the Starfleet. He quarrels with them so strongly that they never want to see each other again. She gives up her family name and performs under Darwin's surname.

2353 - He graduates from the academy and joins as a ensign at U.S.S. Hood.

2357 - Promoted to lieutenant. She wants to pursue a career, but she feels she lacks parenthood. However, he has no taste or space for the relationship, so he undergoes artificial insemination and gives birth to his daughter Karina.

2365 - Promoted to Commander, First Officer of U.S.S. Exeter.

2369 - In order to gain diplomatic experience, assignments to the Andorian Embassy.

2373 - Promoted to Captain, U.S.S. Sparta.

2376 - When you return from vacation with your daughter, there is a tragic transport accident. Thanks to the solar erpuci, the patterns of the two transmitted women are mixed. Karina dies, Dina manages to materialize using Karina's formula. He gains her form and "second youth" but loses his daughter. Her unbelief and skepticism (with which she began to tell her family) is now complete. He feels that if there was a god, he would never allow her to bury her daughter as a mother and still see her in the mirror of her own face every day.

2377 - During the crew's vacation at Circinus II, the orbital station computer resists the behavior.