Ensign Ledecká

Praporčík Ledecká
Full name: 
Dana Ledecká
Scientific and technical specialist, kappa shift, U.S.S. Edmonton
Date and place of birth: 
8. 1. 2354, Clarke City
Marital status: 

Life and career:

Dana is the only child of loving parents, colonists living on the moon of Jupiter, where the Ledecky family landed in the 22nd century. At an early age, she was measured to have a very high IQ, falling into the category of genius. She graduated from all levels of school with above-average speed, culminating in a PhD in astrodynamics from MIT at the age of 19. Her professors called her a prodigy and all predicted a bright scientific future in Starfleet. But her immense intelligence took a social toll. Dana is well aware that she is one of the top minds in the human population and approaches the universe and her surroundings accordingly. She is neither arrogant nor cocky, but at the same time she is rather put off by working with people and views others with a slight irony and humour - in short, she is an introverted nerd with all the right stuff. She cares little for progress for the sake of humanity or the Federation, as she truly and deeply loves only three things in her life: skiing, Honey Badgers, and hydroelectric power. She has always devoted her utmost to these interests and anything else is secondary to them. After graduation, she remained a freelancer, so to speak. She began dividing her time between her pet animals, rebuilding the power plant at Niagara Falls on Earth, and participating in winter downhill championships on every planet imaginable.

The latter, however, brought an unexpected twist to her life and career. In 2377, she attended a ski camp in icy Andoria. After a cable car accident, she and her team ended up buried deep under snow and ice before a team of Starfleet rescue workers rescued them all.

Dana knew the time-honored cliché of people joining Starfleet out of gratitude after saving a life. It happened every year and the recruitment department counted it in their statistics as an important regular addition. She herself had no such intentions and felt none. However, when she awoke in sickbay, alive, well and rescued, she and her squad faced long silences and significant stares from the entire fleet team (it was early in the Dominion War, the fleet exhausted and suffering from a strong understaff). Intelligent but shy and introverted, Dana wasn't the first to apply, and that very day she applied at a conveniently located branch office.

With her aptitude, the academy was a piece of cake and she passed in a couple of years. She immediately got her first placement as a science specialist shift kappa at U.S.S. Edmonton.


Dana is a brilliant and sincere person, enjoys funny to absurd situations and hates boredom. She doesn't particularly care for rules and conventions, which is why she sometimes suffers outright in the fleet she got into somewhat by accident. However, she has found a liking in her new life (within reason) and as long as she has enough time for her three hobbies, she serves wherever they send her.